Barcelona Trip 2019

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Barcelona Trip 2019

Barcelona Trip Summer 2019

Trip Dates: June 27-July 4
Leave- June 27 Return- July 4
Leave from LAX, AND Come back to LAX

*Southern will NOT be responsible for transportation from San Diego to LAX*
Includes: Hotel/Round Trip Flights/ Transportation/3 meals per day/Excursion Transportation
*If Excursion requires entry fee athlete must be responsible for the cost*

Gear: Barcelona T-shirts Included on payment
Chaperones/Coaches: 2 chaperones and 2 coaches per group- 2 groups total
Athlete Ages 14-18
15 girls/15 boys
*Chaperone must pay their own way.


Payment Due Dates:

September 21, 2018- ($250) committed non-refundable deposit
October 1, 2018- ($500) Second non-refundable payment
October 15,2018- ($300)- third non-refundable payment
February 1,2019- ($1,000)- fourth non-refundable payment
June 1,2019- (remainder)- last non-refundable payment

*If payments not paid by deadlines $100 penalty fee no exceptions*

- Must be registered with USAWP 2019 gold membership, DOB verified, and picture.
- Must participate with Southern both spring and summer 2019 seasons
- Must follow Southern guidelines to play/qualify for 2019 Junior Olympics